Asia-Pacific’s high-net-worth insights 2023.

    How are Asia-Pacific's high-net-worth individuals investing today? Is their investment approach robust enough to take advantage of the many opportunities today's dynamic market offers. Is their asset allocation aligned with both their essential and aspirational goals? Are these goals clearly articulated and communicated? We look at these questions and much more.

    What are the priorities of HNWIs across Asia-Pacific in 2023?

    Lombard Odier, together with our regional Strategic Alliances, conducted our annual study to better understand the goals and aspirations of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in the region. The insights distilled from this study highlighted significant findings among respondents: a dichotomy between intentions and action when it comes to personal goals, sustainability, private assets, and communicating convictions to family members with a view to structuring wealth.

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    How do APAC HNWIs structure their wealth to reach their goals? 

    Attaining personal goals

    Asia-Pacific (APAC) HNWIs place personal goals high on the list when deciding the most important factor in approaching their wealth. Regardless of values, work/life balance and expectation of returns, the survey responses highlighted that a majority have not yet achieved their goals, and that there is room for improvement in terms of structuring their approach to achieve these goals.


    The continued emphasis on climate change and sustainability following COVID-19 has moved the dial on sustainable investing, with APAC HNWIs considering sustainability as a bona fide investment opportunity.

    • 77% of respondents agree (both fully and somewhat) that taking into consideration sustainability factors can help deliver superior returns
    • 32% of respondents under 45 years old say sustainability is an essential focus


    Private assets

    In APAC, HNWIs' attitudes toward private assets provide a similarly enigmatic picture, whereby investors are interested but have not turned this interest into action. There is a gap that needs to be bridged in terms of fully realising the potential for private market investments, particularly during these times of macroeconomic and broad market uncertainty, and therein lies the opportunity for financial institutions to engage with clients.

    • 19% of respondents fully agree that they have already integrated private assets into their portfolio
    • 26% of respondents fully agree that they understood how private assets could help them achieve their goals


    Communicating goals

    While the survey findings illustrate that APAC HNWIs understand the importance of sharing their own goals to build a long-term common vision and implementing them together as a family, a lower proportion of respondents have actually done this.

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