external asset managers.

    For over thirty years, we have enabled external asset managers (EAMs) to offer something remarkable. A wealth of exceptional, bespoke products and services, the support of a resilient, financially strong, pioneering bank and the excellence EAMs require to build trusting relationships with their clients.

    we are a family bank on a human scale.

    EAMs can count on ongoing support from a family-run bank. Eight teams around the world will help you access an expansive selection of outstanding products, services and specialists.

    In Singapore, our team of experienced EAM professionals cover strategic markets including Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore

    our support preserves your independence.

    You help your clients protect and grow their wealth by offering them your expertise and making independent strategic decisions. And we’ll be at your service, whatever you need.

    We developed our portfolio management system in-house over a quarter century, by and for wealth managers. This single, international banking platform gives our clients a secure, powerful financial management tool. And we make this fast, integrated, high-performance technology available to EAMs in a way that ensures their complete independence.

    In addition, our banking platform, G2 Pro, empowers EAMs to not only inspect the performance of their portfolios, but also to produce bespoke, advanced reporting for their clients and easily integrate their assets, recovering up to ten years of past data.


    global reach, local insights.

    Covering the Asia Pacific region, our dedicated team of veteran EAM professionals based in Singapore enables EAMs to access a wealth of specialists within Lombard Odier Group through a single point of contact. The team also allows EAMs to tap into Lombard Odier’s peerless services in Asia and Europe, from wealth planning expertise and global custody services to investment solutions. In tandem with this service, Lombard Odier’s user-friendly, cutting-edge G2 portfolio management system permanently links EAMs’ offices to their clients’ accounts, enabling EAMs to oversee their clients’ portfolios with total independence whenever and wherever they choose.


    the best of both worlds.

    Your clients will have the backing of a self-financed, well-capitalised, privately owned bank. They’ll reap the benefits of the very best front-to-back banking services. And they’ll receive all of this even as they maintain a close relationship with an EAM they believe in.

    From one entrepreneur to another, we work with EAMs to deliver success, add value and build trust

    We can help family offices, multi-family offices and current or aspiring EAMs tap into our two centuries of tradition and innovation.

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