technology for banking.

    With more than 220 years of experience in wealth management behind us, we need our technology to both respect and reinforce our heritage. That is why we built our own tailored IT solutions - by financial experts, for financial experts. 

    our banking platform.

    In creating exceptional products for ourselves, we learned that other companies wanted to tap into what we had created. Now, financial institutions globally use our technology to streamline their processes and concentrate on what they do best.

    So, if you’re a private bank, institutional investor or family office, you can make use of IT and banking solutions over 200 years in the making, yet personalised to your requirements.


    global assets+.

    Our Global Assets+ solution features three tightly integrated offerings: our Global Custody and Reporting solutions, Dedicated Funds offering and Securities accounting services.

    Whether you’re a pension fund, family office or wealthy private individual investor, managing your assets demands both clarity and control. We can deliver a world-class solution for the custody and reporting of every asset class, including private equity, real estate and art collections.

    Global Assets+ provides a personalised overview of all your assets in seconds anywhere in the world, whether they’re managed by us or someone else. Created using our most advanced secure technology, this holistic view offers unparalleled flexibility and provides all the insights you need to make optimal asset management decisions.

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