sustainability is in our DNA.

    Sustainability has been essential to Lombard Odier’s culture for over two centuries and lies at the core of our approach to investments. This ensures we embrace sustainable values that inform every aspect of how we do business, from overseeing our clients’ assets to how we act as a bank.


    we are committed to sustainability.

    Sustainability and sustainable investing are more than just environmental issues.

    We see sustainability as a revolution, one that is  the most critical driver of risk and return

    We recognise that our global economic model is not sustainable. It is ‘WILD’: Wasteful, Idle, Lopsided and Dirty. However, we also believe that our economy has already begun the transition to the ‘CLIC™ economy’: one that is Circular, Lean, Inclusive and Clean. This process is transforming risk and return dynamics in every industry and asset class.

    Find out more about the sustainability revolution and our transition to the CLIC™ economy.


    sustainable investing.

    Ever since we established our sustainable investment and analysis framework almost a quarter century ago, we have constantly focused on refining our expertise. We view these instruments as a vital expansion of our financial analytics that enable us to improve our investment approaches. We offer all of this advanced expertise to our clients, which allows us to create bespoke, sustainable portfolios. Our focus on sustainability has also enabled us to develop comprehensive climate transition and natural capital strategies, along with pioneering green and climate bonds.


    corporate sustainability.

    At Lombard Odier, we encourage the transition to a fairer, more sustainable society. We are privileged to be the first wealth and asset manager in the world to have been awarded the B Corp certification, one of the most prestigious corporate sustainability accreditations.

    Corporate sustainability concerns everyone. As a result, we have worked hard over many years to ensure that we run our business in line with the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility to promote the concerns of the communities with which we interact.

    Every year, we publish a Sustainability Report for our entire business. Download the full report here.

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