family services.

    wealth planning.

    Planning today, for tomorrow. Our award-winning wealth planning services are designed to support your way of life and, eventually, your retirement and transfer of assets to future generations. We take your residency into account and can work with your legal and tax advisor to adapt our advice to your circumstances.

    This enables us to offer you long-term, bespoke solutions that address issues such as asset protection, tax optimisation, inter-generational succession planning, liquidity planning and relocation.

    We take a holistic, global, yet personalised approach to assessing your needs

    At Lombard Odier, our wealth planning services are provided by our in-house experts, as well as external partners, in collaboration with your personal advisors.

    family governance.

    Our long history as a family business means we have a first-hand understanding of our clients and their priorities. For generations, we supported our clients in deciding how to structure their family business

    Over the years, our clients have recognised that a successful family business needs effective family governance to manage the interactions between ownership, family and business. Our multi-disciplinary advisory team delivers both the hardware and software that the best family governance practices need to flourish.


    family office advisory.

    We understand that each family office—much like the family it serves—is unique, with its own sophisticated requirements and complex challenges. At the same time, we recognise the common thread that weaves through them all: the need to find innovative solutions that go beyond traditional asset management. Today, family offices are the hub through which families manage their wealth and affairs.

    From the careful, prudent design, planning and development of a family office to the comprehensive, tailored offering and services your family office needs, we’re here to guide and support you.


    philanthropy advisory.

    In a world characterised by rapid change, many wealthy individuals are now rethinking their philanthropy with unprecedented ambition. We are here to help bring your aspirations to life. Our wealth management experts are committed to nurturing our private clients’ assets and helping them turn their goals into concrete results—not only for their wealth, but also for the world around us.


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