succession and estate planning.

    Wealth management isn’t just about building a portfolio. We take a holistic, global, yet personalised approach to assessing your needs, which allows us to provide you with long-term, bespoke solutions. 

    We can help you design strategies and structures to ensure your children and grandchildren will enjoy as much of your wealth as possible.

    Organising your succession

    Appropriate succession planning can reduce the impact caused by taxes and fees at the time of donation or inheritance. We can help you to formalise your intentions with regard to succession, coordinate these with your lawyer and put the necessary structures in place. Our experts also work together with international lawyers and accountants to deal with the complex and international nature of wealth today.

    Protecting the assets and people that matter most to you

    Donations can be safeguarded with regulatory mechanisms that will prevent inappropriate use of assets or will allow the recipient to benefit more fully from the donation. We can help you organise the transfer of your assets to minors or young adults by establishing suitable protection mechanisms, such as projected access to capital or regular payments.

    Our services include:

    • inheritance assessment
    • drafting and execution of testamentary provisions
    • dedicated mandates to protect your family and/or your assets
    • establishment of suitable inheritance vehicles
    • coordination and monitoring of relationships with internal and external parties
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