building bespoke portfolios.

    Combining the right ingredients to build portfolios that fit your specific needs and circumstances.

    Building a portfolio that is right for you

    Our portfolios are constructed taking into account your personal circumstances, objectives and attitude to risk.

    We build multi-asset portfolios that are closely tailored to our clients’ risk appetite. Some of our clients want specialised mandates invested in equities, fixed income, private equity, infrastructure assets or alternative strategies.

    In a turbulent world, many clients are often aiming for greater currency diversification. They appreciate the stability of the Swiss franc and the use of other diversifying currencies, and the expertise we bring in making such investments.

    Understanding the fiscal impact of investment decisions

    Depending on your residency, taxation can influence your portfolio in many ways – be it with regards to income, capital gains, wealth or inheritance tax. When investing on behalf of our clients, we constantly seek to understand the tax impact of our investment decisions.

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